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Here's a spot for the younger adventurers and those young at heart to learn more about the great outdoors with print out activities, coloring sheets & kid-friendly websites.  You might want to print some out to keep around the cabin for those rainy days that sometimes happen.  Click links below to see more.
What animal has cat in its name but is not a cat and doesn’t each fish?

Hard to guess but it’s a fisher cat or known by other names as black cat, black fox, pékan, pequam, wejack and woods-otter (Whew – that’s a lot of names!) This animal is a member of the weasel family and at one point was near extinction in some areas due to the killing of the fishers for their fur. They may look like soft friendly creatures but don’t let their looks deceive you. Fishers are fierce predators with extremely sharp claws.

What you didn’t know about Fishers:
  •Fishers can rotate their hind feet 180 degrees
  •They make their dens in natural cavities, such as trees, logs, and
    rocky outcrops
  •A fisher’s pregnancy lasts 51 weeks
  •The average litter contains 2-3 young
  •Fishers live for at least 10 years
  • Fishers have no natural enemies, save humans
  •Fishers have retractable claws like cats so they are
    excellent climbers
  •While running, the position of its tail above the ground
    makes it resemble a housecat
  •Their claws allow them to walk on snow and climb trees
  •Besides a mountain lion, they are the only other animal that can kill a

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Just for Fun Printable!
Click the words below to print out a picture to color* 
of this native resident:
Fisher Coloring Page
* Coloring pages from the Wildlife of PA coloring book from PA Game Commission