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Here's a spot for the younger adventurers and those young at heart to learn more about the great outdoors with print out activities, coloring sheets & kid-friendly websites.  You might want to print some out to keep around the cabin for those rainy days that sometimes happen.  Click links below to see more.
Angry Birds

Cardinals have been nicknamed the “Angry Bird” because they have been known to become very aggressive, especially if someone or something is in their territory. While the eggs are incubating, the males will look over the female and the nest. They become extremely territorial and will “dive-bomb” any intruders, people included! Cardinals are so territorial that they have often been seen fighting their own reflection, say in a car’s shiny bumper or a very clean window. No wonder so many organizations and colleges use the cardinal as their mascot.

But cardinals can not only be viewed as angry birds. Click the words below to find out more interesting facts about cardinals.

Northern Cardinal Facts​

Make it Yourself
Cardinals can be easily spotted in the winter months in the leafless trees against the white snow. Cardinals feed in the early morning and early evening and if you have a birdfeeder, they will definitely stop by if you have sunflowers. Don’t have a birdfeeder? You can click the words below to make birdfeeder from items you have in your house.

How to Build a Bird Feeder

Just for Fun Printables!
But cardinals are not the only birds you may see at your feeder. Click the words below to print out a bingo sheet to mark off all the birds you may see. You might have to until spring to see some of the birds listed!

Bird Feeder Bingo

Need something else to do while waiting for the birds to arrive, click the words below to print out a coloring sheet of this native resident:

Cardinal Coloring Sheet
* Coloring pages from the Wildlife of PA coloring book from PA Game Commission